Quality, safety, health & environment

One of the core concerns of our organization is to safeguard international standards in health, safety, quality, and environmental preservation, all the while providing personal service to our clients.

Certifications and memberships:

  • SQAS certification: SQAS is a third party assessment system that evaluates the quality, safety, security, and environmental performances of logistic service providers and chemical distributors by way of questionnaire. In 2020 Qbex Logistics scored 84%  on the assessment and going forward, we are set to continue improving and optimizing our performances and scores. Certificate 2016
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification: ISO 9001 sets international standards for quality management. The certification is based on an organizations customer focus and continual progression. An ISO certification ensures that an organization has consistently met clients demands and is continually improving and progressing. It is one of the most used models for business development and fundamental management processes. Certificate in Dutch/English.
  • ECTA Responsible Care membership: ECTA Responsible Care is an initiative of the chemical industry to set out principles for safe handling of chemical products in the entire process, from manufacturing, transportation, and use, to recycling and disposal. Qbex Logistics is an active ECTA member.
  • ISOPA is the international association of Isocyanate producers. Transporting and handling Isocyanates require product awareness and training, provided by Isopa. Qbex team provides its own Isopa trained and qualified Isopa driver trainers, to secure continuous awareness, improvement and valid Isopa passes for our drivers.