Joint project with DAF trucks

Sustainability is one of QBEX Logistics B.V. priorities and the pilot project with DAF company fully confirms it.

As part of a joint project to improve transportation, QBEX Logistics drivers carried out several test drives on the new DAF XF CAMO model from St. Petersburg to Roshal, Saratov and Kirzhach.


The new XF model guarantees a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency on long hauls which helps to decrease CO2 footprint and its impact to the nature . Moreover, the new XF model has service intervals up to 100,000 kilometers. Also, reduced noise levels make the DAF XF even more valuable in areas with strict noise regulations.

Another integral part of the new XF's innovations is a new level of driver comfort. Thanks to the new features developed by DAF, the cab becomes an ergonomic and comfortable place to work, sleep and rest.

Thus,  QBEX Logistics B.V. takes care of its employees, making their work safer and more efficient.

The further use of DAF XF trucks allows us to carry out our mission - to take care of the environment and people.

Joint project with DAF trucks